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The following outlines the steps to take to enable forwarding your voicemail as an audio file to your CUE email:
1. From your phone, press the Message button.

2. Enter your voicemail password, then press the Done softkey.

3. Using the down arrow keys, choose Email, then press the Change softkey. Use the right arrow button on your phone display to choose between Copy, Forward, Alert, or Off. Choosing Copy should be a good choice for this purpose.
Option Notes explained:
Copy – a copy of the voicemail will be sent as an audio file to your Concordia email address, together with a voicemail accessible on your desk phone
Forward – the voicemail is automatically sent as an emailed audio file to your Concordia email address; no copy is kept on your desk phone
Alert – an email alert is sent to your Concordia email address that you have voicemail- you still need to have physical access to your phone to retrieve your voicemail
Off – email forwarding is turned off

4. Press the Save softkey.

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