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The following prices are meant to assist in the budgeting process for the upcoming fiscal year. These prices are approximations and are subject to change without notice. 

For information or any pricing information not listed below please contact IT Services at and we can assist you in finding pricing for whatever you are looking for. 


Standard (Lenovo) Laptop Computer - $1245/Unit (3 Year Life Expectancy)
Standard (Dell) Desktop Computer - $1230/Unit (4 Year Life Expectancy)
Spare Monitor 22" - $160
Wireless Mouse and Keyboard (Microsoft) - 80$
USB Headset (Microsoft) - $30
USB Headset (Jabra) - $110
Monitor Riser - $40
USB Flash Drive 32GB - $12
PowerPoint Remote - $56


Adobe Reader - $120 (One Time)
Adobe Creative Cloud - $576/Year
SPSS Statistics - $60/Year (for Academic Use) 
Microsoft Visio - $7/Year 

Note: The above pricing is for Staff/Faculty use and does permit for use in student computer labs or home use. Contact IT Services at for more information. 

Telephony Services

Cell Phone - $41.50+GST/Month (Long Distance Extra)
Cell Phone Voice Only - $10/Month (Long Distance Extra)
Cell Phone - Contact IT Services 

Wireless Phone Headset (Jabra) - $310
Bluetooth Conference Phone Small (Jabra) - $135
Bluetooth Conference Phone Large (Jabra) - $600

Note: Cellular and Desk phone additions and modifications are subject to review and approval to ensure policy compliance. Please do not budget for new services without consulting IT Services at