Print jobs must be sent from Concordia-provided computers (in labs, library, staff offices, podiumsetc.) to a generic CUE_PRINT or CUCA_PRINT Windows print queue.  This "hold-and-release" print queue is connected to all of the Konica Minolta MFPs on campus.

Once your print job is successfully sent, you simply walk up to any of the Konica Minolta MFPs and swipe your student/staff ID card. 

For student, this will log you in, check your current account balance and inform you of jobs available for release.  Press "OK" to continue then click the on-screen "Release" button to open the list of jobs available for release.

From the release screen, you can see print jobs available for release and their associated cost.  To release one or more job(s) simply choose it/them (or the "Select All" onscreen button) and click the "Start" button on the device.  The job(s) will come out and your card balance debited appropriately.  Note: Your account is not charged if you never release the print job.

For staff, all pending print jobs will automatically be released and printed out.

For visual walkthrough of releasing print jobs, see this document: Releasing Print Jobs

When your print jobs have finished printing, be sure to logout of the device by hitting the "Access" button.

If you are instead wanting to print directly to a specific printer in a computer lab, please read How do I print to a specific printer in a lab?

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