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For Concordia students enrolled in courses in the Fall, Winter, or Spring/Summer terms, the first $10 worth of printing is free of charge.  You are free to use that for any type of printing or photocopying on-campus (for example, 200 pages of double-sided black and white printing).

When you do printing or copying, these funds are automatically used up first (before any funds are debited from your Printing Balance).  Once the free printing amount is gone, funds will be debited from your Printing Balance as you use printing and copying services.

When you login with your student ID card to one of the Konica Minolta printers, the device will report 'Available Credit' as whatever remains from your $10 of free printing plus your regular Printing Balance.  These two amounts can also be checked through Online Services.

At the end of every term, if you did not use up your $10 complimentary printing credit, any left-over balance will not be carried over to the next term.

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