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Moodle can be accessed at

Concordia uses Moodle for it's Learning Management System (LMS) / Course Management System (CMS).  Moodle is an open source CMS designed to help educators create quality online courses. These online courses let you provide documents, graded assignments, quizzes, discussion forums, to your students with an easy to learn and use interface.

Concordia's implementation of Moodle, dating back to 1992, was earlier referred to as Concordia Course Management System (CCMS). Depending on the instructor's use of Moodle, it allows for Concordia instructors to have an online repository of lecture notes, an interactive way of communicating with students, deliver exams online, and have student progress readily available, in the form of an online gradebook.

All courses are automatically enabled at the beginning of every term. Students/instructors will simply need to log-in using their Concordia email address and password.

Below are a few guides to help you use Moodle.

Below are some Moodle guides in video format:
Moodle Quiz Video Series
This is a collection of short video segments focusing on the processes and procedures involved in the creation and administration of a Moodle quiz.
Quiz: Question Bank - steps on how to build your pool of questions in the question bank using different question types
         Question Bank: Multiple Choice with Multiple Answers - techniques and options to consider when using this type of question
         Question Bank: Drag & Drop/Matching
         Question Bank: Numerical
         Question Bank: Essay

Quiz: Set Up

Quiz: Question Population

Quiz: Safe Exam Browser (new)- this video demonstrates the use of the Safe Exam Browser (SEB), a tool that 'locks' students into the exam, preventing them from switching to other websites/online resources while doing the exam.

Quiz: User Override

Quiz: User Perspective

Quiz: Marking

Moodle Assignment Video Series
This is a collection of short video segments intended to demonstrate the processes and procedures involved in creating and administering a Moodle assignment.
Assignment: Set Up
Assignment: Student View
Assignment: Marking
Assignment: Using a Rubric

Groups Video Series
This is a collection of short video segments intended to demonstrate the steps needed to setup and use groups and groupings in your Moodle course.
Groups and Groupings: Manual creation - allows for the instructor to control who is assigned to whatever groups are available
Groups: Auto creation - allows for random assignment of students to groups

Gradebook Video Series
A collection of short video segments to demonstrate how to create, setup, and enter data into a Moodle gradebook.
Gradebook: Set-up - step by step procedure on how to create and set up your course gradebook using grade items and categories
Gradebook: Data Entry - shows the data entry procedure on grade items
Gradebook Student View - demonstrates the different ways a student can view their marks from the gradebook

Other Moodle Features

Turnitin: A video segment on how to use the Turnitin feature as integrated into Moodle.

      Using Rubrics in Turnitin: A video tutorial on how to create a customized rubric in a Turnitin assignment and how to use it to mark the assignment afterwards.

Attendance: Here's how to mark student attendance, either automatically or let your students do it, as they login to your Moodle course.

Activity: Choices - A video on how to use the Choice activity in Moodle, which allows you to ask a question and set up radio buttons which students can click to make a selection from a number of possible responses; good for polling or topic selection

Activity: Lesson - A video to illustrate how to set up a Lesson activity in Moodle.

Sharing Files using Labels: A video segment on how to share Google Drive files in Moodle using labels.

Video Integration in Moodle: Demonstrates how to integrate videos into Moodle, either using URLs or by embedding.

Downloading Copy of Exam: This video is intended to demonstrate how to download a copy of your Moodle exam in pdf form, or print it directly.

The Moodle Calendar: This video shows how you can make the Moodle calendar feature available to your students.

Backup and Restore: This video demonstrates how you can copy the course materials from one course into another.

Exclusion/Restrictions: This video demonstrates how you can impose restrictions on who can access a resource/activity based on conditions that you impose. The conditions can be based on dates, completion or non-completion of a previous activity, or individual profiles if you want to limit who has access based on their email address.

Fall 2022-IT Orientation.mp4: This video is a recorded version of the topics covered in the IT Orientation session for the Faculty Orientation for the Fall 2022 term.