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  • As a general rule, whether using a CUE-issued device or a personal one, secure your home router by changing it's default password, and also it's default network name (SSID).
  • As much as possible, use separate devices for work and personal use. This minimizes the possibility that if a device is compromised on personal use, work activities done on that device could be compromised, as well.
  • Keep your operating system up-to-date. This will mitigate any vulnerabilities that can may come up from time to time. This goes the same for keeping your other installed software up-to-date.
  • Make sure your device has the auto lock feature turned on. After a period of inactivity, your machine will go into sleep mode. But, as an added precautionary measure, never leave your device unattended.
  • Avoid the use of public charger kiosks. You never know who/what is on the other side of that charger cable.
  • Make sure files are not locally stored on your device's hard drive, but rather stored on the network drives mapped to each employee or to your Google Drive.
  • Email should not be used to send confidential information. If you have to send a document that contains sensitive information, send it as a password-protected document. The password must never be sent together with the email; it must be communicated over to the receiving party by phone or by any other methods that does not involve email. The best ways to share files are through your shared drives or Google Drive.
  • When logging in to Online Services, Moodle or to your email, make sure that the login page is as shown below, and that the URL starts with